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Walk. Forward. Success.

Horses, like us, are social beings. As herd animals, they follow only those who act clearly and sensibly, always the best for the herd in mind. Mindfulness, agility, willingness to cooperate and the clear will to make decisions are the most important factors in this issue.

In working with horses you learn to define realistic goals, stay focussed and develop efficient plans and actions to reach your goal. It´s the DOING that counts in the end. This is why we rely on horses for our management training at NMW Executives.

Face to face.

Let´s be honest: Managers often have a poor self-perception. Why? They don´t have an honest partner to reflect their self.

Horses are perfect for developing self-perception skills. Horses are like the mirror that reflects the behaviour of people. Objectively and authentically.

We promise that our horses are gentle to handle, but be prepared to face a clear and direct body language. Acting respectfully and empathetically with your partner, the horse in this case, is one of the things you will learn in our seminars.

Attention! Emotions ahead.

Our brain is only able to learn in a sustainable way if topics are learned emotionally. Only then does the newly aquired knowledge move into our long-term memory, where it can be reached at any time.

Everything learned without any emotion is only temporarily stored in our brain. In the short-term memory. As soon as everyday life starts, it is gone. You might know this effect from other seminars that took place in a white room and leave your brain white as that room, too.

Power Horse instead of Power Point

How is this important to our concept? Our management training with horses is different. You will be faced with emotions that arise. You can not stay unaffected in front of a horse. These emotions and experiences are reflected by the coach and transferred to your own situations in business. That guarantees long-term success.Learn in our seminars what you are still missing to be what your company needs: a successful leader that is able and self-confident to get things done. Leadership at its best.

Your benefit.

You learn:

  • in a guaranteed sustainable manner
  • To develop mindfulness for your employees
  • A cooperative management style
  • An agile management style
  • To develop the ability to make decisions
  • To define realistic goals
  • To develop specific plans
  • To act efficiently
  • Talk less, reflect and act more

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